Good Stock Restaurant & Catering
Plant Based Food for a Healthy World

Our Mission

Food for a healthy world. Our executive chef, Michelle Robinson, makes home-style dishes healthy and delicious by using only whole food plant based ingredients, no oil and no refined sugar. We offer a casual eat-in/take-out service, extensive take-and-bake menu that you can heat and serve at home, as well as an event catering service. Our specialties include soups, salads, vegan cheeze, curries, burgers and sandwiches, bowls, pastas, casseroles, appetizers, smoothies and desserts.

Meet the Owners


I want to see more people feeling their best and treating themselves right because it creates a positive impact on the world. I pair plant based eating with fitness and I notice much better results, physically and mentally. When I’m running on clean burning fuel that doesn’t weigh me down, I’m eager to take on more and stay focused in pursuing my goals. I want everyone to experience this. 


It’s my mission to improve quality of life. I want to see busy people win their time back for what is important and I want to see them thrive. By making healthy food delicious and convenient, people can spend less time in the kitchen, less time sick and more time cultivating community and purpose.


I believe when you are healthier, you are happier, you are kinder and ultimately it makes the world a better place. I want to cultivate a community where people encourage each other to be their best because they are at their best. Eating plant based definitely benefits the individual but just as importantly benefits the environment we all live in.


I can imagine a world where needless suffering by chronic disease is mostly eliminated. When people understand the link between diet and disease, more people will live longer and healthier lives. Due to my own experience with chronic disease, I now view food as either contributing to disease or protecting you from disease. I hope to inspire others to view food in the same way.

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