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Restaurant & Take-Out Menu

All of our Restaurant & Take-Out menu items can be enjoyed in our 50-seat dining room or packaged for take-out.  Please inform our cashier when ordering if you plan to eat-in or take-out, so the meal can be prepared and packaged accordingly.


$4.95 Cup / $6.95  Bowl

Flavours change weekly. Call or check online ordering system for current selection.  


$4.95 Side / $11.25 Full

Caesar Salad
Gluten Wise & No Nuts
bean based caesar dressing - romaine lettuce - red cabbage - carrot - kale - coconut bacon - sunflower parmesan - raw onion bread croutons 

Harvest Pear Salad 
Gluten Wise
kale and shredded veg mix - pears - cranberries - toasted walnuts - sunflower parm - maple dijon dressing


Regular Spread
Vegan Butter (NN)
Almond Butter
Jam (NN)

Probiotic Cashew Cream Cheeze Spread
Dill & Onion
Italian Herb & Garlic
Spicy Chilli Garlic
Hickory Smoked


Loaded Taco Bowl 
Gluten Wise
taco salad (walnut meeat - beans - corn - kale - carrot - red cabbage - romaine lettuce) - basmati rice - tortilla chips - cashew sour cream - salsa sauce

Vegan Buttr Chickn
$14.25 with side
Gluten Wise without pita; No Nuts without sour cream
served over rice with warmed pita bread - curried tomato cream sauce - organic extra firm tofu - cashew sour cream - basmati rice


Smoked T.L.T. Sandwich
$13.25 with side
smoked tofu - lettuce - tomato - cashew mayo - multigrain bread


Classic Cheeze Burger
$13.75 with side, +$1.50 with gluten free bun
Gluten Wise with gluten free bun
house made chickpea walnut veggie patty - lettuce - tomato - marinated red onion - pickles - ketchup - mustard - cheddarr cheeze sauce - cashew mayo

Spicy Pepper Garlic Burger 
$14.50 with side, +$1.50 with gluten free bun
Gluten Wise with gluten free bun
house made chickpea walnut veggie patty - jalapeño and banana peppers - cashew mayo -  cheddarr cheeze sauce - chipotle ketchup - potato scallion bun

Mushroom Melt Burger
$14.50 with side, +$1.50 with gluten free bun
Gluten Wise with gluten free bun
house made chickpea walnut veggie patty - Italian herb and garlic cheeze - mushroom melt sauce - potato scallion bun

Falafel Burger
$14.25 with side, +$1.50 with gluten free bun
Gluten Wise with gluten free bun
lentil chickpea patty - cashew tzatziki sauce - cashew mayo - lettuce - tomato - marinated red onion


Mushroom Stroganoff
$14.25 with side
rich porcini and button mushroom cream sauce - Kaslo sourdough radiatori pasta - cashew sour cream - sunflower parmesan - parsley


Buffalo Caesar Wrap
$13.25 with side
No Nuts
caesar salad - buffalo shredded chickpeas - coconut bacon - whole wheat wrap

$14.50 with side
sliced and spiced mushrooms wrapped in a whole-wheat pita - lettuce - marinated red onion - tomatoes - peppers - smothered in our house-made vegan donair sauce


$13.75 with side
Specials will vary daily to allow for variety, customer favourites and creative new dishes.  To learn of our daily specials, please either monitor our Facebook page, view our online catalogue via the "Order Online" link of this website (or via our Smartphone App) or call the restaurant.



N-Ice Cap Iced Coffee 
coffee - cashew milk - maple

Tea (Assorted)

Hibiscus Strawberry Lime Punch

Bottled Drinks
Assorted flavours

Smoothies and Shakes

Green Citrus Mango
Gluten Wise and No Nuts
Spinach - mango - orange - cinnamonRa

Raspberry Ginger Peach
Gluten Wise
raspberry - ginger - peach - dates - cashew milk

Blueberry Cherry Lime
Gluten Wise & No Nuts
blueberry - cherry - lime juice - dates

Chocolate Banana Shake
Gluten Wise
banana - cocoa - cashew - vanilla - dates

Strawberry Banana Shake
Gluten Wise
strawberry - banana - cashew - vanilla - dates


Cherry Cheezecake Slice
Gluten Wise

Mocha Fudge Cake Slice
Gluten Wise, Contains Honey

Almond Butter Cookie Bites 

$1.75 each / $9.00 for half dozen

Contains Honey

Vegan Gelato

$6.25/8oz tub

Gluten Wise & No Nuts depending on flavour

Raw Walnut Pecan Brownie with Date Caramel
Gluten Wise

Cinnamon Bun


  • Not all ingredients are listed in the menu item descriptions.  Please inform cashier of any allergies.  Many dishes contain or may have been in contact with nuts, seeds, soy or gluten.
  • We don't use peanuts in the restaurant.  However, contamination may have happened from our suppliers.
  • Due to the potential of cross contamination at any time, we cannot guarantee the absence of any specific food ingredient that could cause allergic reactions.
  • (GW) - Menu items indicating GW are "Gluten Wise".  We cannot guarantee Gluten Free because we are not a Gluten Free facility.  However, the identified menu items do not have Gluten containing ingredients.
  • (NN) - Menu items indicating NN are "No Nuts".  We cannot guarantee the absence of Nuts in any menu item, because we use a variety of nuts in much of our cooking and there is always the possibility of cross-contamination.  However, the identified menu items do not have nuts added as an intended ingredient.
  • With the exception of a few desserts that contain honey, our menu is completely Vegan.  Dishes containing honey are marked with an asterisk (*).